Health Assessment

Discover Our Tailored Health Assessment Packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum Options for Complete Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Health Assessment Packages

At Electiva, we offer tailored health assessment packages designed to meet your unique needs. Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages provide comprehensive screenings, including GP physical examinations, detailed blood tests, full body MRI scans, and more. Whether you’re looking for a basic check-up or an in-depth analysis of your health, our packages ensure you receive the highest standard of care. Choose the package that best suits your lifestyle and start your journey towards optimal health and wellness today.

Assessments Silver - £649 Gold - £999 Platinum - £2499
Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire
GP Physical Examination (inlcluding Breast / Prostate)
Comprehensive Eye examination (including Retina assessment)
Height, Weight, BMI
Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat percentage
Pulse, BP, Oxygen Saturation
Chest X Ray (over 40 or for smokers)
Blood Tests Silver - £649 Gold - £999 Platinum - £2499
Full Blood Count including Haemoglobin
B12 & Folate
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Liver Function
Kidney Function
Thyroid Function
Uric Acid
Calcium & Alkaline Phosphate
Lipid Profile (Cholestrol)
Menopause / Female Hormone Profile  
Carcino Embryonic Antigen - CEA  
Ovarian Tumour Marker - CA125  
Scans Silver - £649 Gold - £999 Platinum - £2499
Full Body MRI Scan (brain, thorax, abdomen and pelvis)