What is a knee replacement?

If your knee has been affected by an injury or illness such as arthritis, you might be considering a knee replacement. This procedure, sometimes called a knee arthroplasty, replaces damaged cartilage and bone in the knee with a manmade joint.

What does knee replacement surgery involve?

For knee replacement surgery, you will be placed under general anaesthetic, meaning that you’ll be asleep for the duration of the procedure.

Your surgeon will begin by making an incision on the left side of your knee to expose the joint.

They will then begin to remove the end of your femur. This is replaced with a metal shell, and the end of the tibia is replaced with a plastic component with a metal stem. Depending on how strong your kneecap is, your surgeon might place a plastic ‘button’ under its surface to help with movement.

Finally, the incision is closed and dressed to protect the wound.

Can I get a knee replacement on the NHS?

Knee replacement surgery is available on the NHS, and may be offered to those who meet certain criteria. You might be offered knee arthroplasty on the NHS if you:

  • Suffer from extreme pain, stiffness and swelling in your knee(s) that limits your mobility
  • Find that your knee pain is affecting your quality of life and sleep
  • Struggle with or are unable to complete everyday tasks, such as shopping or getting out of the bathtub, due to your knee pain
  • Are feeling depressed because of the pain/lack of mobility caused by your knee(s)

To be considered for knee replacement surgery on the NHS, you may have to have tried other methods of treatment, such as steroid injections or physiotherapy to improve mobility. If you are offered a knee replacement on the NHS, you may be placed on a long waiting list to have the surgery.

How much does knee replacement surgery cost in the UK?

The cost of your knee surgery will depend on a few different factors, including the level of aftercare provided and whether physiotherapy is included in this.

Total knee replacement £11,500

*Prices accurate as of September 2022

What does the price of knee replacement surgery typically include?

When you have total knee replacement surgery with Electiva, you’ll benefit from our aftercare package, which will give you all the support you need to recover and get the most out of your knee replacement. To give you total peace of mind, you’ll benefit from the following aftercare:

  • Post-op appointments with a clinician when you need them
  • Surgical cover for 2 years
  • Revision surgery if needed
  • Additional days’ stay in hospital when necessary
  • Additional medication and dressings
  • Emergency telephone support whenever you need it.

Why choose Electiva for knee replacement surgery?

From your initial consultation through to your knee replacement surgery and aftercare, we’re here to support and provide you with outstanding care. Our expert surgeons are General Medical Council registered, and have decades of experience in offering specialised care to every patient.

In addition, all of our private hospitals feature leading facilities and are registered with the Care Quality Commission, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest standard of care and service throughout your knee replacement experience.

What our patients say

“It all went very smoothly and I’m very happy with it all. There were no surprises, because I knew what the operation involved from my research and my conversations with my surgeon, surgeon assistant, anaesthetist and physiotherapist. It’s inevitable that you’ll be in some sort of discomfort afterwards, but that’s better than being in constant pain – even the first couple of weeks is nothing in comparison to that constant pain from arthritis.

I would recommend this type of surgery, because there’s no way that you can continue being in constant pain – it affects everything you do day to day. I was very depressed because I felt that no one would help me, and as it was osteoarthritis, it was never going to get better on its own. Having a knee replacement has made so much difference to how I live my life now.”

– Christine

Trustpilot Review

“A new knee, a new life!

On the 9 June 22 I made an enquiry on line regarding a knee replacement. I’d been suffering excruciating knee pain for nearly three years. I would cry with the pain when I had to walk my dog.

I had a video consultation with my surgeon Mr Makrides prior to surgery. All my questions were answered and I didn’t feel rushed. He was honest from beginning to end and so easy to speak with.

I can’t recommend the Electiva enough. Every single person I came across was absolutely amazing.”

– Tina

Meet some of our experienced orthopaedic surgeons

Mr Makrides is a leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip and knee replacement surgery. Mr Makrides is an expert in MAKO robotic arthroplasty surgery, innovative technology which helps promote better patient outcomes and satisfaction through a more predictable joint replacement surgical experience.

– Mr Makrides

How do I start my knee replacement journey with Electiva?

Your knee arthroplasty journey begins with a telephone consultation with one of our friendly and experienced advisors. They’ll be able to answer an questions you might have about knee replacement surgery, and can also give your further detail on the price of your procedure. You can book your free telephone consultation to discuss knee surgery at a time that suits you.